Might have to replace my exhaust fan

2 Shutdowns to get everything to work

It is not as if I was trying to edit a movie. All I was doing was to create a blog post and I had to hut the computer down twice to get it to work. (Tumblr)

Made some porridge

I made some porridge yesterday evening called Ponggal. It turned out okay. It was not very sweet but reasonably sweet. Thinking about it considering I do not own a cow or a bull at this point in time, I may not have to celebrate Mattu Pongal.

Getting my car washed

Frosty the snowman

Blue Berry Pancakes

1 Cup Whole Wheat

1 Cup All Purpose

1 Tsp Baking Powder

3 Table Spoons Sugar

1/4  Cup of Oil

2 Cups of Milk

2 Eggs

Whisk everything together

Blueberry’s and some vanilla extract was added. Oil was used for the first pancake only.

When the bubbles form flip it

You are done.

Getting back to blogging

I hope to be getting back in the saddle of blogging in the next couple of weeks considering that I have not had the opportunity of doing so recently or I would like to think.

Jack Layton

I wish Jack Layton the best in his battle against cancer.

Latest People working on the house

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Future of KTM in SIngapore

As a result of the closure of the Tanjong Pagar and the Bukit Timah railway stations, the train now stops at terminates at the CIQ complex in Woodlands. The government of Singapore has indicated that there would be more buses routed to the train station to move more people to the closest MRT station.

The Singapore Johor rail connection which is said to be completed in 2018 will (may) connect Republic Polytechnic to JB Sentral as per reports from several news agencies from both Malaysia and Singapore.

A smarter approach as far as I am concerned would be to use land beside Woodlands Road to extend the KTM track South by 1.5 kM so that it would be closer to the MRT. The terminating building could always house the CIQ and possibly a museum of culture as well.

The tourism potential from the museum will also help in attracting more tourists to Singapore and by having the terminating station closer to the Kranji MRT, transfer times will be reduced and both KTM and MRT and both Singapore and Malaysia’s economy will do better as a result.

This idea may or may not be feasible considering the mature trees which line the route that I propose and right of way and security issues. I am proposing something which would have lower investment and higher return over the long term.