Desecration of a National Flag

I feel that this is an important subject that needs to be addressed. In some countries the desecration of the national flag is allowed as would be the case in Denmark or even say in Canada. In Demark however it is illegal to desecrate a foreign flag due to the reason that that would be under the purview of foreign affairs.

legality aside the purpose of a flag is to bring people who have something in common together. The best flag that would represent most human beings at the moment would be the flag of the United Nations.

As far as I understand a National flag brings people together in a nation state. It generally is a symbol which is above petty politics no matter how bad. The state owns the flag not the party in power or the person in power. Don’t get me wrong. Yes it is true that flags were created out of politics and history generally for the greater good.

Let us take our flag as an example. For part of our history our national flag was the Union Jack due to the reason that we were a British colony until the 1876 when we gained something called responsible government. The flag changed a couple of times between 1876 and 1965. In 1965 the minority government of Lister B Pearson decided to get and make a truly Canadian flag. A flag which spelt out Canada and had no if’s and buts’ about it. The maple leaf brings people from all over Canada together. In recent times our government has been irresponsible when it came to dealing with Israel and the Palestinian issue and with dealing with the Afghan detainee issue. Those issues plus the perogation of parliament may not be for the betterment of Canada. But that does not give us the right to desecrate the National flag even if it may be legal.

I had to put in my two cents due to the behaviour of some of the people I know.


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