Broke my plug


It was very chilly out at 15 below which felt like 25 below and a huge pile of snow on my car and on top of that dangerously low on gas. I thought I had everything good when I left the parking lot and I realized later when I got into the gas station that I had forgotten to unplug the car. Oh Crap was what went through my mind. I wish my bad luck would be one or the other and not everything at the same time. Better planning might have helped. But at least there is a chance that I will get a new plug.

For those of you who are reading my blog and don’t know what I am talking about. All cars which run on gas in Saskatchewan and the other colder states and provinces have block heaters which are supposed to heat the engine core at an optimum temperature basically preventing the core from freezing over. So therefore most cars will have a plug and most buildings will have power points where you will be able to plug your car into.


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