The professor

I found the Professor to be a pretty interesting read until the mid part of the book when there was a whole lot of French which sort of put me off. I am assuming the author was giving the reader an “as is” version of events, without putting the common reader at heart. At the time the book was written I believe the upper classes in England had access to French and the commoners only spoke common English. It feels as if this book was written about the poorer people who belonged in the upper class. There tends to be a little bit of snobbishness in this book due to the reasons that I have outlined above.

One way of helping a rather new reader like myself engaged in the book would have been to translate the French conversations into English. There are words like bon and petite which any Canadian should understand, but to have pages of conversation written in French in an English books is another issue.

This is my opinion of the book and my mum’s will be the opposite.  


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