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Osama Bin Laden and Mental Health

In the last little while the leader of the Tories in Ontario has been talking about chain gangs and some other people have been talking about an endemic problem consisting of a large number of the prison population suffering from some form of mental illness. The National Post had an article called “Rethinking jails and the mentally ill” (June 14 2011)in the opinion section.

I was wondering what kind of mental health Osama Bin Laden was in when he helped in the formation of the Afgan administration in 1996. What did the U.S. know about his mental health over the last 15 years or more? I  wonder if Osama Bin Laden had similar mental health issues to Saddam Hussein?

Noting that Osama Bin Laden was killed and not captured possibly due to legal issues in the United States, I could not help but compare this event to those mentally ill people in the Nazi prison camps. (Nuremberg Military Tribunals

The events might seem to be very different from each other as in, one was a innocent victim of war and the other being an alleged terrorist. Was the United States and it’s agencies trying to cleanse society by killing terrorists, who may or may not suffer from mental illness?


2011 Census

I might have gotten this a couple of days ago in the mail, however it was today that I opened the mailbox and checked my mail. The reminder and the questions.







Election Penalties

Information on the Broadcast of election results. Due to the nature of this country and the different time zones please do not broadcast election results until the polls close in British Columbia.

The penalties are as follows.


$5,000, 5 years or both

This information is available on the Elections Canada website.

Elections Canada Act 328(2), 329, 330(1), 330(2)