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Interesting start to the day

I went to the polls today and voted. Due to the election act I shall not make any other comment on how I voted. The other thing would be that voting is secret.

I actually met a couple of friends at the polling station and they were working as DRO’s. It was a quick but interesting affair. It was not very warm on the other hand. It was 1 C as I was heading out.


I am finally properly registered

I went to my talk to the people at the local elections office they had opened near the SarCan recycling facility. I got myself registered in my own electoral district for the first time. My electoral district used to be about 150 kM away from the city due to the reason that I used a PO Box as my address for the federal government.

I went to the electoral office later to get everything formally registered which included a verification of photo ID and my signature.