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Canada Day

This was a very special Canada Day as we were joined by HRH the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in Ottawa.

Considering that this is the couple’s first royal tour, I hope they would be treated by us for this trip and the next many trips with dignity and honour, as they will be our future King and Queen.


Death of the Senate

It is a scary thought when you think that we might possibly have a severely weakened senate with the combined Tory and NDP effort, considering that they make up more than 2/3 of the house of commons meaning that they can actually make these changes.

The senate or the upper house in most countries including Canada is generally thought of as a sombre and thoughtful chamber. It does not create the knee jerk reactions a single chamber (House of Commons) would create considering all the members are elected and are subject to the knee jerk reactions of the electorate.

The same idea would go for the Tories who want the provinces to elect the senators for a maximum term limit of 9 years. It is true that the senate will not be subject to a whole lot of knee jerk reactions from the public but they will not be shielded completely from it as well.

My worry with these changes would be the possibility of having a change from a very right wing government to a very left wing government or vice versa in a matter of 6 months from when a new government is elected. There would be a lack of balance and that is something which is not good for the markets.

2011 Census

I might have gotten this a couple of days ago in the mail, however it was today that I opened the mailbox and checked my mail. The reminder and the questions.







Harperism vs Mahathirism

I have a feeling that the future of Canada is under threat to a certain degree. The only good thing that I see out of this is the fact that the Tories do not have a 2/3 majority like the one Barisan Nasional had in the 1980’s. The other good thing that we have in this country would be relatively independent provincial and municipal governments which can also hold the federal government to account.

The similar narratives of the fighter jet purchase and the Klang valley MRT where both were not open to tender worry me as well.

Interesting start to the day

I went to the polls today and voted. Due to the election act I shall not make any other comment on how I voted. The other thing would be that voting is secret.

I actually met a couple of friends at the polling station and they were working as DRO’s. It was a quick but interesting affair. It was not very warm on the other hand. It was 1 C as I was heading out.


Ideas for future passenger rail in Canada

I have been thinking about the possible future of regular passenger rail in this country. The interesting thing is that the minute intercity passenger rail is talked about it automatically reverts to high speed rail, land acquisitions and the amount of tax payers money that will need to be spent.

Does it have to be high speed rail to begin with? The best thing would be to see if the 2 big railway companies will be able to run one or two passenger cars together with their freight rail. The idea would be to attach 1 or 2 passenger cars to freight rail and test it to see if passengers are interested in using the service.

There are specific services that can be introduced in Saskatchewan considering the province has it’s own bus company the STC. The government of Saskatchewan could create a couple of small spur lines and get a couple of second hand rail buses that could be used as transportation between Saskatoon, Regina and Prince Albert with an expansion to other communities who have access to rail.

More rail, in many ways, will help in terms of affordable housing as more and more people will be able to live in smaller communities which have lower houses prices and will be able to commute to work.

Election Penalties

Information on the Broadcast of election results. Due to the nature of this country and the different time zones please do not broadcast election results until the polls close in British Columbia.

The penalties are as follows.


$5,000, 5 years or both

This information is available on the Elections Canada website.

Elections Canada Act 328(2), 329, 330(1), 330(2)

Reckless Coalition

The leadership in the Conservative Party is warning us about a reckless coalition which would comprise of the Liberals, Bloc and the NDP.  Is the leadership of that party telling us that a majority of the voters who tend to lean towards the left are reckless?

We will vote for who we want to vote for. The Tories have the right to voice their opinions on the future of this country and on the ideas the other parties have on policy issues but to tell us who to vote for (even if it maybe indirect) would be a totally different ball game.


Unity Governments

Is it time to have a Unity Government in Canada? We have many parties unwilling to work with one another when it comes to the elites in these parties. Petitions and reports from committee meetings seem to have no effect on the national conscience or more importantly in the House of Commons.

We have elected  minority Conservative governments in 2006, 2008 and similar results are expected in this election as well. These governments fell due to the reason that the parties were not able to work together. As a result we are spending an average of about $150,000,000 an election including party ads and ballots every 2 years.

Politics in a Federal type democracy is about give and take. If the tories don’t get their way the government falls just because they are not willing to compromise with the NDP, Liberals and the Bloc. (The government can only fall on a “No Confidence” motion which would include budgets)

The Liberals and the Tories should be able to form a grand coalition to include ideas from both the right and the left and that kind of a coalition would be helpful in the building of our country in both the literal and figurative sense.

This idea of a unity government has existed, before confederation in 1867, and was called the Great Coalition.  Let us give that another try and we might get somewhere.