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Dental Hygiene

I was surprised to get a whole lot of information from my first and new dental hygienist, Joan.  Half of the information that I got was the information that I should have received when I was in my teens and the other half as an adult.

Brushing: (This is something I do twice or thrice a day) Twice a day. But there is a technique in brushing and I am not embarrassed in sharing that with the general public. In order to get access to the lower back teeth on either the left or right side move the lower jaw in the opposite direction. While brushing gently massage the gums in one particular area and sweep up in both the inside and outside parts of your jaw. Brush your tongue and the upper part of your mouth once a day.

Flossing: I always thought flossing was more to do with vanity than it was to do with oral health. When I was growing up I always wondered why it was only my brother who did the flossing in the family. Flossing in a manner of speaking is a more effective tooth pick. There are 2 types of floss that can be used. One is the regular floss that is in a roll in a container and the other is an EZ thru flosser (which is a plastic instrument which has a short taut strand of floss in it.

Good oral hygiene apparently is a good indication of good health. There will be a reduction in the chances of diabetes and diseases of the like.