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What’s next for Egypt

Hosni Mubarak has resigned and the people have won with the backing of the military. The people in Gaza would be a little happier considering that they would have the feeling that there are more people supporting their cause through a possible new government.

I believe that it would be very important for Egypt to build strong institutions, such as an independent election commission , an independent judiciary whether it may implement English Common Law, Syariah Law or both and a completely neutral security force which would include the police and the armed forces. Once these are established making new laws and building new business and lives should not be a problem.

I talked about the possibility of Syariah law. A lot of people will be sceptical of Islamic law due to the reason that they believe Saudi Arabia and Iran practice good Islamic law. Laws based upon Islam are cherry picked in the countries that I have mentioned in advocating in some instances that women are men’s property. Proper Syariah law has it’s checks and balances and advocates that no person is closer to God (Allah) than another. A Syariah court can be modelled on the local (Magistrate) and/or on the Federal Level (High Court/ Supreme Court), which would include an appeals court as well. Good Islamic law tends to move with the times and does not remain stagnant. It would also be important to realize that the country is an Islamic country to begin with so creating laws which reflect the people would be more important that modelling the “new” laws in Egypt after the United States or Westminster.

I will not make any predictions for Egypt due to the fluidity of the environment in the country at the moment. I wish Egyptians in Egypt and around the world Good Luck !!!