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Stesen Tanjong Pagar Tutup

With the Royal Tour in full swing in Canada I almost forgot about the closing of the grand Tanjong Pagar railway station in Singapore. As a result of the closure the Bukit Timah station will also be closed.

The Sultan of Johor DYMM Sultan Ibrahim Ismail drove the last train to Johor Bahru from Tanjung Pagar with a brief stop in Woodlands to inspect the new checkpoint.

The Malaysian immigration will be relocated to Woodlands and is in operation. Under the POA from Sept 2010 Malaysia has received 4 parcels of land with a 60% controlling stake in Singapore in exchange for the land occupied by KTM.

It was a sad day for some and a new beginning for others. KTM nonetheless had it’s unique South East Asian charm and that will be missed.