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2 weeks and 2 days left

There are only 16 days left before we start to get plunged into the depths of the inventory count at our store. The store hires a company called WIS to get the count done. It is a nightmare due to the reason that the count is generally done over 2 days during peak business hours instead of after hours. What would happen if a customer were to take a product in one part of the store and put it in another part of the store. Would the inventory count of that particular product not be wrong?

There is going to be store walk today and tomorrow in preparation for the event. The walk will consist of regional managers who will walk through each and every department to make sure that the stores’ in their region or our region are ready for inventory.

I have started to put in the DNI (Do not inventory) labels on my brochures that I have placed in totes that I will write off sometime this week. I was also given the task of completing the critical inventory path last week considering I only knew half of what I was doing.