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Revoke the 1984 Publication and Presses Act

I have been thinking about the draconian 1984 printing and presses act and the 1987 amendment (Malaysia) that was made to that act which gave almost all power of controlling the print media to the Home minister.

I wonder if the Pakatan Rakyat opposition is really interested in revoking that act as they should be able to through one of their members create a private members bill and pass that in the Dewan Rakyat during an opposition day. (I am under the assumption that Malaysia under a Westminster system of government has opposition days). The only hindering block that the Dewan Rakyat would have even if it does pass would be the fact that the bill in order to me made law would need to be scrutinized by the Dewan Negara (Senate), which will most probably not pass it due to the reason that there is not a single opposition senator in the upper house.


I have always wondered why the PAP newsletter was called Petir instead of being called People Action Newspaper.

Then it dawned upon me. The PAP People’s Action Party translated into Bahasa Melaya/ Malaysia is Parti Tindakan Raykat and the abbreviation for that is PTR. If you were to read PTR and assume there were vowels in between the letters you would get PeTiR.

Interesting. Don’t you think!!!