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Alternate truths

Have you ever wondered why some people from the subcontinent have an issue with the truth more than people from any other part of the world (to my knowledge).

Let me give you a simple examples: I had a close relative stay with me last year (I am not mentioning names due to the fear of reprisal) and he made phone calls to his friends on a particularly cold night and indicated that Saskatoon was the coldest place on earth that night instead of it being Edmonton. Was this person trying to be boastful or was it just in this person’s mindset that an indication of that nature was acceptable.

Due to the reason that I am aware of this I tend to check the facts after the conversation unless of course the information cannot be checked through an online source.


What kind of a government would you like?

I found that a lot of people in this country suffer from some sort of amnesia when it comes to remembering facts and the wrong people or in this case politicians. A colleague of mine was indicating that when the current government won the election in November of 2007 the population started to increase. The actual fact was that the population started to increase in mid 2006. The other thing was that the economy was picking up under the current administration as well.

The best government is based upon a political parties stand on issues. If they are an old party as in a party that has been elected before to form government a good start to find information would be the ministry or the department of finance. In this province that would be

Goh Keng Swee

ATTENTION: In order to understand this post you must be a Canadian of Malaysian origin

I got a chance to watch a program that aired on a Singapore channel called Channel 5 on youtube. It was a tribute to Goh Keng Swee a former Minister and DPM in Lee Kwan Yew’s cabinet. He is said to be extremely prudent in expenditure and a visionary at the same time. I guess it would be more like the President’s Choice of Noname products.

The only thing that I found not interesting about the tribute was the lack of truly Asian stuff in it. It seemed as if they were more interested in promoting the Singapore Symphony than they were the Kreta Ayer Cantonese Opera. I guess I should not be surprised. Singapore was built on those so called western standards and fundamentals (eg. The New Years Countdown is cool and the drums during Thaipusam have to be silenced.)

Would the state government in Melaka honour him in naming a street after him? That will most probably not be the case as he was the one who did not support Lee Kwan Yew’s favour of a looser ties and more autonomy in the Malaysian federation. He had his sights set on complete withdrawal from Malaysia.

As usual I would like to apologise for inaccuracies in sentence formation and grammatical errors. Read more write better.