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Dental Hygiene

I was surprised to get a whole lot of information from my first and new dental hygienist, Joan.  Half of the information that I got was the information that I should have received when I was in my teens and the other half as an adult.

Brushing: (This is something I do twice or thrice a day) Twice a day. But there is a technique in brushing and I am not embarrassed in sharing that with the general public. In order to get access to the lower back teeth on either the left or right side move the lower jaw in the opposite direction. While brushing gently massage the gums in one particular area and sweep up in both the inside and outside parts of your jaw. Brush your tongue and the upper part of your mouth once a day.

Flossing: I always thought flossing was more to do with vanity than it was to do with oral health. When I was growing up I always wondered why it was only my brother who did the flossing in the family. Flossing in a manner of speaking is a more effective tooth pick. There are 2 types of floss that can be used. One is the regular floss that is in a roll in a container and the other is an EZ thru flosser (which is a plastic instrument which has a short taut strand of floss in it.

Good oral hygiene apparently is a good indication of good health. There will be a reduction in the chances of diabetes and diseases of the like.

2011 Census

I might have gotten this a couple of days ago in the mail, however it was today that I opened the mailbox and checked my mail. The reminder and the questions.







Interesting Company

I got a advertisement which was slipped under my door.


Interesting start to the day

I went to the polls today and voted. Due to the election act I shall not make any other comment on how I voted. The other thing would be that voting is secret.

I actually met a couple of friends at the polling station and they were working as DRO’s. It was a quick but interesting affair. It was not very warm on the other hand. It was 1 C as I was heading out.


Ideas for future passenger rail in Canada

I have been thinking about the possible future of regular passenger rail in this country. The interesting thing is that the minute intercity passenger rail is talked about it automatically reverts to high speed rail, land acquisitions and the amount of tax payers money that will need to be spent.

Does it have to be high speed rail to begin with? The best thing would be to see if the 2 big railway companies will be able to run one or two passenger cars together with their freight rail. The idea would be to attach 1 or 2 passenger cars to freight rail and test it to see if passengers are interested in using the service.

There are specific services that can be introduced in Saskatchewan considering the province has it’s own bus company the STC. The government of Saskatchewan could create a couple of small spur lines and get a couple of second hand rail buses that could be used as transportation between Saskatoon, Regina and Prince Albert with an expansion to other communities who have access to rail.

More rail, in many ways, will help in terms of affordable housing as more and more people will be able to live in smaller communities which have lower houses prices and will be able to commute to work.

I am finally properly registered

I went to my talk to the people at the local elections office they had opened near the SarCan recycling facility. I got myself registered in my own electoral district for the first time. My electoral district used to be about 150 kM away from the city due to the reason that I used a PO Box as my address for the federal government.

I went to the electoral office later to get everything formally registered which included a verification of photo ID and my signature.


Community Garden

This community information sheet was shoved under my door today. I know it’s a Sunday