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Interesting Company

I got a advertisement which was slipped under my door.


Higher price less service

I went to the grocery store to stock up for the upcoming week at Extrafoods and I noticed that the prices had gone up a little when it came to dairy products. I am one of those shoppers who does not look for a bargain when it comes to food. I generally only notice the price of milk and yoghurt.

Considering the events in the Middle East with Libya an oil producing country in the region, the price of oil has gone up causing the prices of food to increase and the price of gas to increase as well. I paid $1.17 / Litre yesterday at Petro Canada.

When I headed to the checkout I left my reusable cloth bag on the checkout counter as usual and the cashier for some reason did not place the groceries in the bag. I am wondering if the high price of fuel overseas has created this situation. This has always been the case at the sister “Real Canadian Superstore” where the cashiers over the past 10 years have not helped putting groceries in bags due to the high traffic flow through the store. I did not complain about the less than average service at Extrafoods and took my own sweet time putting my groceries in my bag in order to avoid squishing the cookies and the ripple chips.

Extrafoods has always been my favourite grocery store. I hope they return their service levels to their minimum standard once the Libyan situation has stabilized.

I will remove this post if any regular person finds this offensive. However if Loblaws the parent company finds this offensive I would urge them to send me a letter via Canada Post.