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Attacking the CWB

The Tories through their agricultural ministry have been trying to bring down the Canada Wheat Board’s monopoly by wanting to introduce options for farmers to market their grain. Most farmers support the CWB in the range of 75% to 85%.

I happened to be listening to the call in show BlueSky on CBC yesterday and one caller commented saying that 15% of the farmers who did not support the CWB did not understand that a substantial amount of their earnings was as a result of the monopoly and that if a dual mode of marketing was allowed the grain prices will be adversely affected. There are other factors in grain pricing as well but I shall not discuss that in this article.

My question would be. Why would we need freedom of choice on basic necessities? I don’t mind having a variety if food, colours and of music. But why would I need a choice in who provides my water, heat, roads, auto insurance, power and garbage collection? There are enough choices that we have to make through the course of a year. Why do we have to make more? That would be a similar argument that I would make for the CWB.

Harperism vs Mahathirism

I have a feeling that the future of Canada is under threat to a certain degree. The only good thing that I see out of this is the fact that the Tories do not have a 2/3 majority like the one Barisan Nasional had in the 1980’s. The other good thing that we have in this country would be relatively independent provincial and municipal governments which can also hold the federal government to account.

The similar narratives of the fighter jet purchase and the Klang valley MRT where both were not open to tender worry me as well.