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David Suzuki: Force of Nature

The force of nature is an extremely interesting and a thought provoking documentary.

This is the CBC link to the website.

Community Garden

This community information sheet was shoved under my door today. I know it’s a Sunday


Alternate truths

Have you ever wondered why some people from the subcontinent have an issue with the truth more than people from any other part of the world (to my knowledge).

Let me give you a simple examples: I had a close relative stay with me last year (I am not mentioning names due to the fear of reprisal) and he made phone calls to his friends on a particularly cold night and indicated that Saskatoon was the coldest place on earth that night instead of it being Edmonton. Was this person trying to be boastful or was it just in this person’s mindset that an indication of that nature was acceptable.

Due to the reason that I am aware of this I tend to check the facts after the conversation unless of course the information cannot be checked through an online source.


Warmest day in January

It was a warm +3 C today and my car looked shiny and beautiful.

Happy Thaipusam

I woke up today to this


-30 C.

I went out to the Post Office to check my mail as usual and even went to the bank. The interesting thing was that I did not see a single Kavadi anywhere in town. I got to see this on Aljazeerah though.

Warming up

The temperatures have been rising over the past 2 days but it is expected to go down in the next couple of days.

I have a strong feeling that Canada and the U.S. have not woken up to multiculturalism. I am not indicating that there are any untoward moves towards people who look and/or sound different. It has more to do with people from the first and second generations of these people having to have one culture at home and another on the street.

If Canada were a truly multicultural country we would not have to modify the culture we belong to in a significant way in order to fit in. Cultures are not fixed but are transitional and they change based upon income, technology and location.

Let’s take a Hindu festival like Thaipusam for example. In India were the festival originates from there almost all the participants are Indians. In Malaysia on the other hand Indians and Chinese participate in the festival. The chariot (Pinang) stops at a couple of different taoist temples around town and we even get to see a lion dance. On top of that the streets are generally patrolled by Malay Muslim policemen and women.

The problem that we seem to have in this country is that alot people tend to think that everybody celebrates a variant of Christmas, regardless of religion, most probably due to the reason that that time of the year is considered to be year end holidays and all you see are Happy Holiday signs hanging in shopping malls and civic buildings.

I would love the talk about the economics of “Merry Christmas” vs Happy Holidays but I think I will need to leave that for another post on another day.